Product Detail

Advantages of liquid nitrogen tunnels:

Liquid nitrogen tunnels are best suited for mass production lines. These tunnels are fast and efficient, easy to operate and fully automate. Tunnels are best fit for basic and standardized food production lines. In comparison with traditional frozen ways liquid nitrogen keeps the original taste and flavor of the goods.

      Liquid nitrogen is fast and efficient:

The frozen time frame is approximately 5-30 minutes depending on the type, size and thickness of the material.

      Quick and high output:

Temperature is cooled between 7-15 every minute. Frozen time is 30-40 times better than traditional ways.

     Low temperature sterilization:

Liquid nitrogen produces inactive gas during the cooling process and isolates air to protect the food quality. In the mean time since the cooling process is so fast it suppresses growth and biochemical reaction.

     Quick frozen product are better in quality:

Unlike traditional frozen product foods that are frozen through the use of liquid nitrogen is fast and efficient and does not affect the original taste and quality of the product.

      Long length of preservation:

Food product frozen through the use of liquid nitrogen has a length of preservation 3 times longer than traditional freezers.

    Safe and green:

Easy to operate and does not have any environmental issues

    Low weight loss:

Traditional frozen ways have a weight loss between 3-6%, unlike liquid nitrogen it keeps the weight loss between 0.25-0.5%. This is especially important for higher end products.

   Easy to clean and low maintenance:

Easy to clean and extremely low fault parts

       Material: SUS304 stainless steel inside out

Lowest temperature: -196

Heat preservation: 100mm thick with low temperature resistant material, multiple layers of high density

Food convey: SUS304 special purpose food conveyor, speed and degree of tightness fully adjustable.

Size: Tunnels are all custom made length from 2 meters to 20 meters, width 1 meter to 2.5 meters depending on your needs

Liquid nitrogen control: Circulated liquid nitrogen sprayer made in Germany
 Control system: Touch screen PLC automated process control with Chinese/English. Simple and easy to use  includes temperature monitor and anti-theft with double lock.

Jacking system: the equipment can go up and down for cleaning purposes.

Air-cooled circulation: High-power enhanced axial fan with double air lock on both sides.、

Maintenance:  Drain tube under the equipment makes it easy to maintain and clean.

1.Large production and very efficient. Lowest temperature -196 degrees
2.Long preservation and keeps the flavour
Keeps nutrition and moisture and defrost
Low operating cost
Touch screen PLC system makes it safe and easy to operate
Simple setup keeps away the complication of operating
Saves up to 30% of power usage compare to traditional freezers
Liquid nitrogen is non toxic and environmentally friendly
Food that uses liquid nitrogen freezing acquires QS authentication immediately
Food frozen by liquid nitrogen is 3 times more oxytolerant than traditional freezers